Clarity, connection, and learning for positive change.

Helping organizations with social and environmental missions discover clarity, improve programs, make plans, and build skills so they can amplify their positive impact in the world.

In partnership with you and your organization, I gather authentic data, elucidate new insights, and identify specific improvements that build on your organization’s strengths.

My services help organizations, including non-profits, foundations, social enterprises, and public entities, to find clarity in a time of unprecedented uncertainty, ask and answer burning questions, analyze information to improve programs and enhance equity, expand community engagement, make smart plans, design new programs, find new supporters, and increase the effectiveness of their work. I apply an equity lens to my practice.

Connect with Me

Image of Claire Stoscheck, Golden Aspen Consulting

We have taken what we've learned from Claire and have successfully applied it to other programs and initiatives within our organization. Claire's expert leadership, attention to detail, and organization, combined with her warm and positive personality, make her not only an excellent researcher, but also an excellent teacher and facilitator.

-Robert Graham, Program Manager for Learning and Engagement & Vintage Voices Conductor, VocalEssence


My Services

  • Program Evaluation: Helping organizations to run better programs and expand their positive impact.
  • Evaluation Capacity Building:  Empowering clients to do their own program evaluations and research.
  • Strategic Planning: Collaboratively developing a thoughtful and effective strategy that aligns with your organization’s values and goals.
  • Facilitation: Guiding organizations to make good collaborative decisions and encourage smooth processes.
  • Research: Assisting organizations in asking and answering consequential questions.
  • Graphic design and story-telling: Helping clients communicate their good work to others.
  • Program and Initiative Design: Collaborative, thoughtful and holistic design to ensure success.

"Claire embodies the balance between efficiency and human quality... Due to her experience in the non-profit field, Claire was able to provide our clients with empathetic consulting that addressed their needs effectively. Claire is well-rounded, she cares for people and the planet. Her work is a reflection of her values. Beyond being bilingual, she also practices cultural humility."

-Isabel Marsh, Former Associate Consultant, The Improve Group

About Golden Aspen Consulting

As a child, my favorite tree fort was a small grove of three Aspen's growing in a perfect triangle formation. Later as a young person I learned in ecology class that a grove of Aspen's is one organism that sends up many shoots (clones) which are connected in an elaborate network underground. 

Aspen trees may seem like individual entities, but in reality they are part of a larger organism, that is adaptable, resilient, generous, strong, collaborative and long-living (the oldest Aspen grove known to humans, Pando in Utah, covers over 100 acres and is estimated to be 80,000 thousand years old).

The same is true of our organizations. We may seem like individual entities but we are part of an interconnected ecosystem. Unlike Aspen clones we don't share DNA, but we share goals and values and we are interdependent. To quote Paul Wellstone, “We all do better, when we all do better.” 

My name is Claire Stoscheck. I am a professional with over a decade and a half of leadership experience in nonprofits and as a community organizer in social and environmental initiatives prior to starting consulting. I am deeply passionate about helping individuals and organizations do better by enhancing and improving their programs and initiatives. As the Lead Consultant and Founder of Golden Aspen Consulting I am equipped to support you in navigating uncertainty, enhancing your collaborations, adapting to new opportunities and challenges, and building the resiliency needed to better enact your social or environmental mission. I offer services in both English and Spanish.

I partner with you to:

  • use program evaluation and research to best leverage your organization’s strengths, including through collaboration in the broader organizational ecosystem
  • to ask and answer compassionate critical questions to strengthen your work through new insights
  • actualize equity
  • build sustainable capacity through learning new evaluation and research skills
  • strategize and design for the future
  • and enhance your organization’s processes through thoughtful and responsive facilitation

"I… think of (Claire) as one of the most well-prepared, organized, and committed people I've been able to work with ...The projects were so well received, those clients hired us again for other work!"

-Daren Nyquist, former Director of Evaluation, The Improve Group